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Name:Zeke Leroy Wyatt
Birthdate:Jul 24
Location:Lexington, Massachusetts, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Zeke Leroy Wyatt is one of many cousins to Shannon Webster and his siblings, however he is the only one born just one week prior to him. Their moms - sisters - were pregnant at the same time and when they realised they were both expecting boys, Shannon's mom's first son, they always knew they would grow up close together. They didn't live in the same state, but the commute wasn't all that far so there were frequent visits and family gatherings. Zeke is the youngest of four boys, and the family grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts. His dad is a sports physiotherapist and his mom, owns a bridal boutique. All four of their sons couldn't be more different if they tried, but they grew up close, nevertheless.

Zeke's immediate family is large, but so is his extended family, spread out all over the country. They all had a pretty average upbringing, and Zeke was never any sort of particularly special child, and he was happy with that. He wasn't a jock, but he plays some sports for fun. His grades aren't excellent, but they're not terrible either. He enjoys art, and entertains the idea of doing Art Therapy some day, perhaps to help disabled people like his cousin, but he isn't even really sure if he's set on that ambition. A lot of his lackadaisical attitude these days is for a very good reason. Zeke fought and survived a form of juvenile stomach cancer. He had to undergo a significant operation to remove part of his bowel, but ultimately it removed the tumour, and a few rounds of chemo had him given a clean bill of health and remission news.

Zeke fell ill about two years prior to Shannon's horse riding accident that left him disabled and wheelchair-bound. He got his remission news when Shannon was in a serious condition in hospital, and they were still unsure if he would survive, and even if he did, there was a distinct chance he could be paralysed from it. It was a really rough few years for the family. It was whilst he was receiving his cancer treatment that Zeke met an befriended a girl around the same age as him having chemo at the same hospital as him, Andrea. It was through Andrea that Zeke met Sasha Stanford. He became good friends with both of them, and even once Zeke went into remission, the three of them kept in touch and hung out sometimes.

Zeke considered them both two of his closest friends, and vice-versa. They were BFFs, but they welcomed him in when he was in Boston. Zeke often wished he could live in Boston to go to the same school because he did hit it off quite well with them, but alas, it was one of those crappy life moments where shit happened. Since being ill, Zeke has had to become a vegetarian because it's easier on his stomach. Some days, he struggles with a lot of lethargy, and others has to deal with stomach pain, but he doesn't care. He thinks it's a small price to pay to keep living. Zeke took a short student exchange break to London for six months when he had the opportunity, so it left him absent from his life here for a brief while. It was longer than they ever went before without visiting with Andi and Sasha, and when he returned home, Zeke got the terrible news that Andi had passed away a lot sooner than they anticipated she should survive. It was timed with Shannon needed to go back into hospital for another major operation on his spine due to recent growth.

It all left Zeke struggling to focus on school and get back into the swing of things, and his grades began to slip. His parents ultimately pitched the idea to him that he go stay with his aunt and uncle (Shannon's parents) in Leonia for a few weeks. Truth of the matter is, the news of Andi's death his Zeke quite hard, reminding him of his own potential mortality and how easily cancer could return to someone. He doesn't let it drag him down, and he prefers to tackle life with a positive attitude, but it's still been a shock to his system, and made it even more difficult to try to think too far in the future and plan for anything beyond a few weeks ahead of him.

Zeke doesn't think he's anything too special, nor does he aspire to be. Art is his biggest strength and has talent across a few mediums. Personality-wise, he's a lot like his cousin, Shannon, though with much less brain-to-mouth filter than Shan. Zeke is easygoing, but can be moody when he's tired or not feeling well and has a history of biting people's heads off who try to fuss over him. He has a lot of friends, but only a small group he considers really close friends, as he will always tell everyone he "found out who his real friends were" when he was sick.

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